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Academic Schedule Modification Request

The Student Records Office staff has begun manually assigning the Facilities Accessed “C19” rooms to all sections that need a physical space for Fall (fully face to face and hybrid sections that indicated meeting times beyond just exams). Any rooms listed on the current class schedule that does not have a “C19” designation at the end were rolled from Fall 2019, when we started building this schedule ten months ago or requested at some point in the past ten months. Those are not, necessarily, the final room assignments for Fall 2020.

Modifications for the Fall 2020 schedule are different for the time being as there are discussions and projects currently in place to address Social Distancing measures for currently scheduled courses. Based on instructions from both the Provost and the VP for Student Success the only Academic Schedule Modification Forms being accepted at this time need to be for the following reasons:

  • changing course caps (not to zero)
  • canceling sections that are not going to make
  • changing/adding instructors
  • adding a section (that are not being created for the purpose of cross-listing with a face to face instruction)
  • adding a registration restriction (i.e. consent of instructor required)

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE SAME REQUEST MULTIPLE TIMES! Duplicated requests WILL result in a larger backlog as the staff must work every submission, and are unlikely to recognize duplicates in the large number of requests being received every day.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are an authorized NMSU Main Campus college/department representative and are responsible for obtaining prior approval with your college/department.

Unless noted as optional, all form fields are required.