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Campus Priority Registration

Students are best served when they take classes on their primary campus. It is there that students have access to advisors and faculty who are most familiar with their degree programs. Other support services, such as financial aid and tutoring, are best delivered from a student’s primary campus.

For that reason, students at all NMSU campuses will take 100- and 200-level classes at their primary campus if they are offered there. Students can take courses on other campuses if the course is not offered or if there are no seats available in that course at their primary campus. For example, DACC classes in Library Science that are not offered on other campuses will be open to students system-wide. Students can also register for courses on another campus when those courses are full on their primary campus, and students at NMSU-LC can register for developmental courses on any campus.

Exceptions will be authorized by Academic Advisors when they are:

  1. Consistent with the intent that students take courses on their primary campus
  2. In support of student degree and certificate completion

Two weeks before classes begin for the semester the campus restriction hold will be lifted and students will be able to register for any course(s) on any campus provided space is available and that they meet prerequisites.

Primary Campus Registration Memo