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The purpose of waitlisting is to allow students to get in a queue for available seats after a class is full.

It is also intended to help the faculty and administration determine when extra sections should be added, based on demand.

The following pages contain frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages for Students and for Faculty. 

Waitlisting FAQs for Students

What is a Registration Waitlist?

A registration waitlist is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a filled course. Students may sign up for this when they attempt to register for a section that has reached its capacity. The first student on the Registration Waitlist is notified via email when a space becomes available. This student then has 24 hours to register for the section. If the student does not register for the section within the 24 hour time frame, he/she will be dropped from the registration waitlist, for that section, and the next student on the list will receive notification of an available seat.

How do I get on a Registration Waitlist for a section?

You may get on a registration waitlist when you attempt to register for a section that is full. When you receive a Registration Add Error stating “Closed—Waitlist Available”, you can select WAITLIST from the drop down menu under Action and then click Submit Changes. The class for which you just signed up on the waitlist will appear on your Current Schedule on the Add or Drop Classes page as “Waitlisted.”

There is a “C” instead of a check box by the class I want to Waitlist for on Look-Up Classes to Add. Now what do I do?

The “C” means the section has reached its enrollment capacity. You may sign up for the waitlist by clicking on Add to Worksheet at the bottom of the page, entering the CRN for the section on your Registration Worksheet and then Submit Changes. You will receive a Registration Add Error that the class is full. On the Action dropdown menu, select Waitlist, and then click on Submit. The class for which you just signed up on the waitlist will appear on your Current Schedule on the Add or Drop Classes page as “Waitlisted.”

How do I know my position on the Registration Waitlist for a section?

The waitlist system operates on a first in, first served basis; however, the exact position of your placement on the waitlist is not available to you.

Do I need to meet course prerequisites and restrictions to get on a Registration Waitlist?

Prerequisites and restrictions are checked before you are allowed to join a waitlist; however, time conflicts and link checking (for lecture/labs) are not checked, to allow for waitlist flexibility.

How will I know when a space becomes available in a class for which I am on the Registration Waitlist?

An email will be sent to your NMSU EMAIL ACCOUNT, notifying you there is a space available.

Once the email is sent, how long do I have to register?

You will have 24 hours from the time the email was sent. The deadline (in Mountain Time) is noted on the email. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be dropped from the registration waitlist. If you miss your registration deadline, but still wish to register for the class, you will have to sign up through the registration process.

I have been notified that there is now a space available. How do I register?

In MyNMSU, Registration, Add/Drop Classes, select the drop down arrow under Action. If you are eligible to register for this class, the option Web Registered will be displayed. Select this option, and click Submit.

May I sign up for more than one Registration Waitlist?

You may put yourself on as many waitlists as you choose. However, we strongly urge you to remove yourself (Web Drop Delete in the Action box) from all waitlists once your registration has been finalized so that others may have an opportunity to register for available courses in a timely manner.

If I register for one section of a class, and I am on the Registration Waitlist for other sections, will I automatically be dropped from the Registration Waitlist of the other sections?

If you register for one section as a result of a waitlist email, you will be dropped from the registration waitlist for that section only. You will not automatically be dropped from any other waitlists for other sections of the same class. You must drop yourself from the other waitlist(s).

I received an email telling me a space was available in a section and I could register. I didn’t read it in time to register before the deadline. Now what?

You are responsible for routinely checking your NMSU email. If you miss the deadline, you must re-add yourself to the waitlist if you still wish to register for the course/section. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

How do I know if I’m still on a Waitlist?

You can view all registered and waitlisted courses on your MyNMSU Student tab, under the Registration tab on the Add/Drop Classes Current Schedule.

What if I can get into a lecture that requires a lab, but the lab I want is full? Can I just register for the lecture and get on the Waitlist for the lab I want?

You must register for both the lecture and a lab at the same time, even if the lab isn’t the one you prefer. If a full lab fits your schedule better, and there is a waitlist option available for that lab section, you may sign up for the waitlist. When you are notified that a space is available in your preferred lab, you may exchange it (drop the one you are registered for and add the one you want at the same time) with the lab you are already registered for. Not all labs have a waitlist option due to limited space and alignment with the number of seats in the lecture.

May I sign up for the same Waitlist more than once to increase my chances of getting in the section?

No, you may only be on the waitlist for a CRN once at any point in time. If you are dropped from the waitlist or drop yourself from the waitlist, you may sign up for the waitlist again.

Will my Waitlisted courses show up on Canvas?

No. Only courses you are actually registered in show up on Canvas. Therefore waitlisted courses will not show up on the Courses drop down menu.