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Waitlisting FAQ – Faculty

A registration waitlist is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a filled course. Students may sign up for this option when they attempt to register for a section that has reached its capacity. The first student on the Registration Waitlist is notified via NMSU email when a space becomes available. This student then has 24 hours from when the email was sent to register for the section. If the student does not register for the section within the 24-hour time frame, they will be dropped from the registration waitlist for that section, and the next student on the list will be notified.
Departments and instructors should monitor waitlists to determine if there is enough student demand to offer another section. 
An instructor should NEVER override a student into a course if a waitlist exists. The override will cause an email to be sent to the next student on the waitlist, who may try to login and add the class but not be able to because the instructor has forced a system override. On the third day of classes, waitlisting is turned off and instructor’s can grant permission for individual students to add their class. At that point, an instructor can add any student they wish to their class, taking into consideration the capacity of the assigned classroom.
No, students must meet the pre-requisite for a course before they sign up for the waitlist. All restrictions attached to the course and section must be met, before a student will be able to add themselves to a waitlist.
A student may get on a registration waitlist at the time they attempt to register for a section that is full. When a student receives a Registration Add Error stating “Closed-Waitlisted,” they can select “Waitlisted” from the dropdown menu under Action and then click “Submit”.

Instructors can see a list of the students waitlisted for their courses by going to MyNMSU under the Faculty Services menu, and selecting the Detail Wait List or Summary Wait List page. Select term and CRN. If there are students on the waitlist, a list of those students will be displayed. Return to the Faculty Services page to select a different term or CRN to display another list.

Students are not automatically registered for a class. They are notified via their NMSU email account that a seat is available. Students are given 24 hours from the time the email was sent to register for the class.
Students may register for more than one Registration Waitlist. However, we strongly urge students to remove themselves from all other registration waitlists once their registration has been finalized so that other students have an opportunity to register for available courses in a timely manner.
If a student registers for one section as a result of a waitlist email, the student will be dropped from the registration waitlist for that section only. The student will not automatically be dropped from any other waitlists for other sections of the same class. The student must drop himself/herself from the waitlists for other sections.
Students are responsible for routinely check their NMSU email. There are no exceptions to this rule! Students who miss the deadline must re-add themselves to the waitlist if they still want to register for the class.
Students who fail the in-progress prerequisite are not dropped from the waitlist. However, if they are notified that a seat is available in a section for which they have failed their in-progress prerequisite, they will receive a Prerequisite Not Met registration error when they attempt to register for the section.
No, students must register for all components (lecture and lab) of linked courses at the same time. They may sign up on the waitlist for a preferred section of a lab and exchange it (drop the one they are registered in and add the one they want at the same time) if a space becomes available, but they must register for all components initially.
Yes, students will be able to sign up for a waitlist that will cause a time conflict if they have the opportunity to register for the section. However, they will not be able to register for this section without resolving the time conflict. This gives students flexibility in creating a schedule.
No, students may only be signed up one time per section. If they are dropped from that waitlist because they fail to register before the deadline or drop themselves from the waitlist, they can sign up again.

No, a registration hold will prevent the student from registering for a class, as well as signing up for a waitlist. If a registration hold is put on a student after they have signed up on a waitlist, they will still receive a notification when a space becomes available but they will not be able to register for the class.