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Enrollment Verification FAQ

A verification is an inquiry typically made by a third party to verify that a student is enrolled, has been enrolled, or has earned a degree at New Mexico State University. These types of requests generally come from insurance companies, scholarships, student loan providers, and employers.

Enrollment verifications are free of charge to process for pick-up, receive by e-mail, or send by fax. If you need to have them mailed, please provide us with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

An enrollment verification or a degree verification may be requested. An enrollment verification verifies that a student is attending or had attended classes for a specified period of time.  A degree verification will verify if a student has earned their degree. The following are types of verifications that can be requested:

  • Lender verification- verifies number of credit hours enrolled and enrollment status for a specified semester. (Typically used for lenders, Good Student Discount, health insurance, or family visitation letter.)
  • NM Motor Vehicle Division- verification attesting to a home address as in our records to obtain a NM driver’s license.
  • Enrollment dates-verifies all enrollment dates and enrollment status for each semester attended.
  • Degree verification- verifies degree(s) awarded and date awarded.
  • GPA verification- verifies all semesters’ enrollment status, dates enrolled, term GPA, and cumulative GPA.
  • Military ID/Graduation date- verifies enrollment for a specific term, program of study, and includes anticipated graduation date.
  • Semester grade verification- verifies courses and grades for one semester. (Grades for specified term are available at the end of term.)

You may request an enrollment verification through your student account on If you are no longer attending, you may request an enrollment verification in person, by mail, e-mail, or fax.  The request should include the following information:

  • student’s full name and any alias
  • student’s social security number
  • student’s written signature
  • type of verification
  • semester needed for verification
  • anticipated graduation date (if applicable)
  • return fax, e-mail, authorized person for pick-up (if other than the student), or mailing address (if providing a pre-addressed stamped envelope).
Verifications are processed next business day by 3 p.m., after the date of the request.
Any third party (e.g. loan offices, employers, insurance companies) can request a verification on your behalf. Requests must be accompanied by the student’s written consent to release education records as required by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).
Your enrollment verification will include your name and address as in our records, student ID, anticipated graduation date, program of study and any degrees awarded. It may include your term/cumulative GPA, term/cumulative credit hours, or social security number.

 For more information, contact:

Mark Medina, Enrollment Verification Specialist

Office of University Student Records
P O Box 30001, MSC 3AR
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Fax: 575-646-1579
Phone: 575-646-4742