STAR Degree Audit


STAR (Student Academic Requirements) is a degree audit system that produces individualized reports reflecting a student’s progress toward completing a specific degree. The report compares all of a student’s course work, NMSU and transfer credits, to the requirements of a specific degree program and produces a report (audit) which details the student’s progress toward meeting those requirements. 

The STAR degree audit is the official tool used to certify and award degrees and other academic credentials at New Mexico State University. 

STAR does not replace advising; it just helps make it an easier and more meaningful interaction. The Degree Audit is a tool to assist in the advising process. It is meant to help students and advisors in the process of course selection and academic planning. It reduces the mechanical record-keeping tasks and provides advisors and students more time to interact and discuss academic and career goals. For questions concerning degree requirements, make an appointment with your academic advisor.

How Do I Get a STAR degree audit report?

Current NMSU students can view and print your own STAR report by clicking on the button above. If you need help in generating or interpreting the report, click on one of the options located in the right hand menu. You may generate an audit for any degree program by selecting from the available options listed in the Degree Program drop down menu. Please visit with your academic advisor to review any audit results.

Benefits of utilizing the STAR degree audit system:

  • STAR interfaces with the Banner student record for real time information about a students academic history and in-progress coursework.
  • STAR audits show what degree requirements a student has completed and what requirements still need to be completed.
  • STAR takes the “guesswork” out of selecting courses for future enrollment by providing specific course options to complete certain degree requirements.
  • STAR incorporates transfer work into the audit.
  • STAR improves consistency in checklists for advising appointments and graduation clearance
  • Authorized College staff are able to enter student specific, Department approved, exceptions and substitions, which can then be viewed by anyone accessing that student's audit.
  • STAR can calculate the GPA for specialized majors and specific degree credits.