Registering for Classes

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Registration at NMSU is a process that includes:

  1. Advising meeting with your assigned academic advisor
  2. Registering for classes; online or with your academic advisor
  3. Paying your bill for instructional and co-curricular services

Before Registering

Everything you need to prepare for registration:

Know Your Registration Date Your Registration Date is found in myNMSU, under Registration Status. Visit the Registration Schedule by Classification, to see a complete schedule of registration dates.
Get Advised Make an appointment to see your Academic Advisor (see links, in the right-hand menu, for your campus).
Plan Your Class Schedule

View class offerings for the upcoming semester(s) in myNMSU and use the Aggie Schedule Builder to create your optimal schedule.

Infographic – Class Delivery Modes: explanation of how a class will be delivered, based on the code in the class schedule.

Students at all NMSU campuses are expected to take 100- and 200-level classes at their primary campus. Click here to learn more about Primary Campus Registration restrictions.

Clear any Registration Holds Check your registration holds in myNMSU. Clearing registration holds as quickly as possible will ensure you avoid delays in registration that could negatively impact your chances of getting the into the classes you need / want.
Understand the Costs Visit University Accounts Receivable’s Understanding Tuition & Fees for an overview of costs associated with registering for courses at NMSU.
Consider Your Payment Options Review your payment options and plan now.

Registering for Classes

You’ve done your homework, now grab the classes.

 Online Registration

Students can begin registering at 5 a.m. on their designated registration date. Classes can be added, changed, or dropped until registration for the semester ends.

Register Now

 Waitlisting Registering for a class that’s full? Get Waitlisted!