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MA campus building codes

AC Activity Center
AE Tejada Bldg. – Ext. Annex
AI Agricultural Institute Bldg
AISC American Indian Stdn Cntr
AR Academic Research Unit A
ARB Academic Research Unit B
AY Astronomy Bldg
BC Business Complex
BD Breland Hall
BL Branson Library
BX Biology Annex
CFTA Center for the Arts
CB Chemistry Bldg
CP Computer Center
DOM Domenici Hall
EA Equitation Building
EC1 Engineering Complex
EC2 Hernandez Hall
EC3 Engineering Complex III
EN English Bldg (Clara Belle)
FAC Stan Fulton Athletics Center
FH Foster Hall
GC Golf Course
GCA Genesis Center, Bldg A
GH Garcia Hall
GN Gardiner Hall
GO Goddard Hall
GT Gerald Thomas Hall
GU Guthrie Hall
HJLC Hardman Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center
HF Horticulture Farm
HS Horse Farm
HSS Health & Social Services
JH Jett Hall-Under Construction
KH Kent Hall
KN Knox Hall
LJ Livestock Judging Pavilion
MC Music Building
MH Milton Hall
NA Natatorium
NH Neal Hall
OH O’Donnell Hall
PAC Pan American Center
RGH Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel Residence Hall
RH Rentfrow Gymnasium
SH Science Hall
SKH Skeen Hall (Arid Lands)
SP Speech Building
TB Thomas-Brown
TNC Tennis Center
TS Theatre Scene Shop
WA Williams Hall
WCHC William Conroy Honors Center
WE Wells Hall
WH Waldon Hall
WX Williams Annex
YH Young Hall
ZL Zuhl Library